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“Quality work and excellent customer service”

Sherry A  12/23/2013

“Saved my RV's fresh water tank! Removed broken drain fitting and replaced with a new one. Better than original. If you have the chance let Ron show you some of his work in progress -- see what a pro/craftsman can do!!”

Gary G  5/24/2014

“Had a small crack in my Hobie kayak. Ron did a great job of repairing it for a reasonable price and ahead of schedule.”

Papa K  07/2013

“My kayak slid off its trailer and dragged on the street when a bungee snapped. A little hole punched thru the tail. CA Canoe and Kayak recommended Plastic Pros. Ron's plastic weld looks stronger than new and seamless. The result of my stupidity for using bungees to secure my Hobie is nearly imperceptible. Turnaround was quick and price very reasonable. Thanks, Plastic Pros.”

Kate M  5/23/2013

“Plastic Pros is a business that repairs damaged plastics.  I brought in a whitewater kayak with some pretty gnarly damage to the nose of the boat.  He did a very good job with the repairs and I definitely recommend his work.  Prices are OK.  He did push my project to the curb for a week or two to work on some bigger projects which frustrated me.  But he made up for it with a discount which I appreciated.  If you need plastic repaired give Plastic Pros a shot.”

Mark F  9/20/2011

Still on the water.  Repaired October 22nd 2012

Elisabeth A.  7/13/2014