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A view from above

One from above closer showing scale

(A hand works well)

If possible, a picture showing the material thickness is very helpful

An angle showing the surrounding structure


One photo should show the whole kayak

A profile view shows the depth of the damage

A closer shot showing another angle

Most importantly, a close up view showing detail and scale

Portable products

Photos can be very helpful, whether you’re looking for an estimate or scheduling an onsite repair.  Many factors are involved in a successful repair.  With the right photos we can get a better idea of what will be involved.

One of the most important considerations is material thickness.  If the material is too thin, a repair becomes much more challenging.  Please include with your photos the approximate material thickness of the area in need of repair.

Email your photos and contact info to:  info@polymenders.com

Please be sure to include the following: Your name, phone number, material thickness, address if onsite repair and brief description of damage.


If you prefer, our “Contact Us” page has a repair request form as well.

Would you like to get an approximate repair cost before scheduling a repair?  Shown below are our minimum requirements for this to happen.  While we cannot guarantee this estimate since there are other factors that can affect the cost, this information “package” typically enables us to be relatively accurate in regards to repair cost.

How to receive a cost estimate for repair