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PolyMenders Policies

Condition of product needing repair:  

  We specialize in repairing plastic products, not cleaning them.  We ask that all items brought to our shop be relatively clean.

  Items with grease, or other form of muck, which need to be cleaned prior to our service will accrue an additional hourly charge for cleaning.  Actual cost for cleaning can only be determined upon visual inspection by PolyMenders personnel.

  Previous third party attempts of repair such as fiberglass, steel mesh, Bondo etc…that has not already been completely removed will accrue an additional hourly charge.  Actual cost for removal can only be determined upon visual inspection by PolyMenders personnel.

Color matching is always a priority at PolyMenders.  We take great pride in our work as every one of our customers will attest to.  Strength is the most important factor involved in a repair.   We will do our absolute best to provide you with a repair that will be as close to original strength as possible.  To accomplish this means some repairs will be performed with a non color matching material.  Actual color will not be known until the repair process begins.

We do not offer a repair while you wait service.  We typically have a number of projects being run simultaneously.  Although you may be told your repair will take 1 hour, it will likely be several hours, possibly several days, before it is actually ready for pick up.

1st come 1st served. While we do our best to operate PolyMenders as 1st come 1st served service, the very nature of our service occasionally requires us to make adjustments to that rule.   Priority is always given to emergency repairs such as critical system failures.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your repair.

Make an appointment.  PolyMenders performs onsite work on a regular basis.  When we are onsite, no one is available to receive items at our shop.  Please make arrangements prior to visiting our shop to avoid spending the time to just find a locked door.