If it’s plastic, chances are we can repair it

Need Repair?

Don’t Despair!

Kayaks, Water Tanks, Playground Equipment, Carts, Motorcycle Fairings, Cleanroom Equipment, Filtration Systems, Fuel Tanks…

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Kayaks can almost always be repaired.

This one had a big crack at the tip, but  repaired very nicely.

Water tanks are usually a critical item.  When they break, no more water.  

Don’t despair…we repair fresh and gray water tanks.

Playground slides take a beating!  The children love to play on them…vandals love to play with them.

Almost all slides can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Plastic carts come in all shapes and sizes, but almost all are made of polyethylene or polypropylene.  They can be completely repaired to full functional use.

Shown below are 4 examples of our repairs.  Mouse over any of these images to see the finished repair.  Be sure to check out our Gallery page for lots more before & after photos.

Before trying your own plastic repair, Stop! Please take just a few minutes and allow us to potentially save you from what could turn out to be a disaster if not repaired correctly.

There is no shortage of “how to” videos on YouTube.  Some are knowledgeable, others are pure guesswork and better off dismissed.  When it comes to repairing a Kayak, RV water tank, playground slide, fuel tank, motorcycle fairing or any other thermoplastic piece, it’s rare to find a technique that’s permanent and doesn’t destroy the molecular structure of the material itself.

PolyMenders has been professionally repairing ABS, CPVC, HMW, polyethylene (all types), polypropylene, PVC and UHMW for over 25 years.  Our reputation speaks for itself.

PolyMenders even repairs items anyone else would suggest are too far gone, adding years of use to them in most cases.